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Review Tube
✅1. Xiaomi 70mai Pro Dash Cam: bit.ly/2SE7qvf
* Find a great deal on eBay : bit.ly/2K7WenP
✅2. Garmin Dash Cam 55: bit.ly/2orxTzF
* Find a great deal on eBay : bit.ly/2FDjIge
✅3. Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam: bit.ly/2nMEGUx
* Find a great deal on eBay : bit.ly/2FDjIwK
✅4. Garmin Speak Plus: bit.ly/2V43sh6
* Find a great deal on eBay : bit.ly/2TqjXDJ
✅5. Waylens - Secure360 4G Dash Cam: bit.ly/2HDQjUm
* Find a great deal on eBay : bit.ly/2lJMtRA

Comment from : Review Tube

Black hawk assault Bullet storm
4:01 oh yeah very discreet design no one will ever see it also let me put on these sketchy sun glasses to give it that discreet vibe 😎
Comment from : Black hawk assault Bullet storm

Sponsored links, it sucks...
Comment from : M

Tony Nameless
Useless video.
Comment from : Tony Nameless

will brito
Glitch? 2:22?
Comment from : will brito

rid BKM
Best is blackvue 🧿
Comment from : rid BKM

This all remains BS untill you make day/night real footage review!
Trust me, I tried many of them. They all crapped out. Majority would not record or die in a year. All of them are useless at night and somewhat useful in day time.

Comment from : LABLION

Comment from : Gharu

Anthony Lu
Just got back from China, and hearing this guy pronounce Xiaomi as "zye-oh-me" makes me lol. =D
Comment from : Anthony Lu

When you get pulled over for driving 180 mph and start smashing your dash cam.
Comment from : Alex

4k dash cams is 1 of the best so far
Comment from : Ahrdee

How come Thinkware isn’t mentioned ??
Comment from : JerseyJoe

Alessandro Arzilli
02:22 System system system what?
Comment from : Alessandro Arzilli

Tom Bryant
Lost me when you said incidentses. It’s incidents FFS, as in plural for incident.
Comment from : Tom Bryant

So no Viofo?...dash cam list without Viofo is like speaking about smartphones without mentioning the Galaxy Note...
Comment from : fenrriho

Is that owl cam pretty good?
Comment from : SMEACRaptor

Can someone help me out? I'm looking for a dashcam to simply video myself while driving ( like in case of being pulled over by police ) Anyone have any suggestions for that ? Thanks in advance
Comment from : Brian

Cheapest one?

Could anyone help me out?
Searching for a good dashcam, i mean important for me is video quality day + night + it must read a micro SD card from atleast 128GB and it has to autosave evrything. I've read that some dashcams only save 'special' movements. Would like to hear different opinions pros + cons please <3 love you!

Comment from : Madrush

Joseph Kang
Terrible choices
Comment from : Joseph Kang

P Money
2:23 ????
Comment from : P Money

old dave
they could have posted the suggested list price
Comment from : old dave

Dash cams would likely misfunction because of being constantly exposed to extreme heat from direct sunlight. Correct me if I'm wrong!
Comment from : RACHID AYGA

Emily Smith
hi there, this is an awesome review. we have dual dash cam (2K+1080P sony sensor car camera) need social media review, any interest?
Comment from : Emily Smith

marselis renner
I spoke too soon and after looking into these camera's specs , they seem pretty good.
I just really recommend staying away of any dash cam that uses lithium ion batteries.

Comment from : marselis renner

Export Connections
Are these heat resistant from being sun exposure
Comment from : Export Connections

is it ads or review??shit video
Comment from : A K

Which dash cam would best withstanding the heat of Texas Summers and still function properly? The interior of a car parked in the sun here can reach 130°-180° Fahrenheit with in an hour.
Comment from : MrBluemoonhalos

I love you
Comment from : spacemaster17

I love you
Comment from : spacemaster17

Kenn Lee
3 of your links results in an invalid publisher code. Not very useful.
Comment from : Kenn Lee

Larry Justice
No Thinkware or Blackvue?
Comment from : Larry Justice

Joseph Dorame
Whoooa no way did that Tundra back into the LFA?!
Comment from : Joseph Dorame

AGG Production
If it says 5mp then don’t buy it
Comment from : AGG Production

i'm chinese , M A I = My (Mile)
Comment from : ζั͡ޓއއއ๓oζั̯͡ޓއ

Niraj Maheswari
Hi. Thanks for review. I am a reseller based in India. Can you please connect me for 7OMAI and GARMIN distributors mail and other contact details. Please help
Comment from : Niraj Maheswari

No Viofo A119 v3? LOL.
I would pick 70mai Pro from these, though.

Comment from : KLU

There is no movement in the market for years: stuck at 1080 and/or 30FPS while everybody's complaint is that despite 1440 or 1080, you still can't read license plates in the most regular circumstances.
Comment from : Baerchenization

mo Tibortina
No back camera
Comment from : mo Tibortina

are any of these duel? as in front and rear
Comment from : cmoney_7117

Which dash do you owned?
Comment from : highrollerxx

Thx to this videos, I’m able to know which dash cam is affordable and good
Comment from : cybersponge501

Petar Derek 2
Great Review!
Comment from : Petar Derek 2

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